NeoRESQ is the neonatal retrieval service which supports regional centres in Central and South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. The service transports premature or critically ill babies to life saving treatment.

A team of highly skilled doctors and nurses, who specialise in caring for newborn, sick and preterm infants, are deployed from RBWH by road ambulance, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.

Every year, thanks to our generous donors, RBWH Foundation purchases new equipment and technology for the Neonatal Unit, and also funds life-changing medical research into conditions such as stillbirth, prematurity and birth-related injury.

Thanks to a generous donation by Running for Premature Babies, this year RBWH Foundation has delivered the Running for Premature Babies NeoRESQ vehicle, Queensland’s first dedicated interhospital transfer service, to transfer babies who are ready to be moved, to a hospital closer to home for ongoing care.

RBWH is seeking further donations to cover the running costs of the vehicle.