One of the stars among RBWH services during the COVID-19 lockdown was Telehealth. Telehealth uses secure video conferencing technology to connect healthcare professionals with patients closer to their own homes.

For patients quarantined in their own homes, or living in rural and remote areas, Telehealth ensures their RBWH health support network is just a click or a call away. It can also be used to link families with long-stay patients who are in a hospital away from their hometown. RBWH has access to one of the largest managed Telehealth networks in Australia.

The benefits can be wide-ranging and significant and include:

  • Reduced cost associated with travel to appointments
  • Less time required off work or other usual activities
  • Reduced time away from home for travel to appointments
  • Increased access to care
  • Improved health worker education and guidance in remote and regional areas.